Hi I’m Jonathan I have competed in Athletics (Track & Field) for almost 10 years now for Sale Harriers, Competing in everything from High Jump (1.97m) to 110 metre hurdles (16.2) now I have settled on the Horizontal Jumps in particular the Triple Jump (14.05m), winning many County and North of England Championship Medals along the way.

Manchester Tracklife

After I graduated with honours from Salford University in 2011 in Sport and Leisure Management, still not sure what I wanted to do  and more importantly what I really wanted, like most people who go down a similar road. My athletics at the time and for most of my university life had been well and truly put on the back burner, at this time an Athlete was used as a loose term to describe what I was. My passion for exercise and fitness were apparent so I pursued careers in personal training and fitness instruction even working In an office for a short time.

I could argue that doing this was a massive waste of time, always feeling like there was something missing and feeling unfulfilled. I now see it as valuable experience that has introduced me to great friends and amazing people that have truly contributed to the person I am now.

“There are no prizes for settling for less when you want more out of life”

Late in 2013 I felt like I had a few decisions to make and after another year of this feeling I decided it was time for a major change. Quitting my job and moving back to my family home, sorry mum and dad, I decided that I couldn’t just half-do my athletics and expect to get anywhere. At this point I admit I started to doubt whether I had done the right thing especially as the money started to dry up and my lifestyle was very different from what I was accustomed to, it’s fine when your 16 still in school/college but when your 25 and consume more then everyone in the house put together the issue of income is something you may need to consider. Despite the impending doom of a gut decision I made I had not been happier in years and truly content, at this time I think that the regret of not trying outweighed my fear of taking the leap into the unknown. After I had made the choice to pursue my dream of being a full time athlete the amount of support and encouragement I received from people around me was overwhelming to say the least. 18 months later I did not even recognise my old life and the apprehensions and fears I once had seemingly melted away. Opportunities seemed to come in ways I’d never envisioned or simply couldn’t see before. Today find myself working part time leaving me time to finally focus on what I want to do with next to no worries, sometimes I can’t quite believe how things have turned out and can’t help but feel like this is the beginning of my personal  journey.

Now in this new environment full of potential and possibility, looking at younger athletes grow and develop and elite athletes excel gave me all the inspiration to focus on things that I CAN do, also be so grateful I have being able to do so much, remain injury free and everyday wake up and work towards my own goals and ambitions.

“I may never get to the top, but that will never stop being my goal”

My blog is mainly to give people a unique story of the trials and triumphs of myself and other athletes who go through many different issues on the journey to become better as athletes and people.Through my pictures, videos, and words you’ll be taken on a learning process, and a journey. No frills, Just athletes from all levels and backgrounds sharing with you a real account of their world.

You’ll also find out some very interesting ways I make ends meet to fuel my passion, you may see me in some of your favourite soaps from time to time. Thanks to Boss Casting!

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Here’s a short video of me on the way to a place that has become very special to me Manchester Regional Arena and in the process catching a rare sunny day in Manchester.

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