5 Reasons why you should self massage

What comes across your mind when you think about massage?

A luxurious treatment at a spa hotel on holiday maybe. I bet the thought of doing it yourself doesn’t seem to be too appealing.

Yet if you look at some of the major benefits of giving your body a little daily TLC you may just reconsider.

If you have come across me in person before you’d soon realise I carry an array of pretty strange objects with me. From foam rollers, sticks and hockey balls. It always seems to get a conversation started, this is the inspiration behind why I think everyone should self massage.

#1-Recovery post work out.

Releasing tight areas using a foam roller or other tools can help remove waste products created in your muscles during exercise. This not only improves circulation but insures that you will be able to ease the pain of the dreaded post work out. Not only will it do that but self massage also helps you wind down and relax after exercise, releasing muscles at the top of the back and neck can even subdue or stop migraines.

#2- Improved flexibility and range of motion.

Tight musclar tissue has a direct affect of your flexibility and movement. Also when a muscle is tight it becomes weaker and stops working properly in conjunction with other muscles. Using a mixture of massage and stretching is a combination for improvement. This is not just for those who just do Yoga or Pilates having tight muscles for athletes is bad as it can decrease power output. Working to increase flexibility through massage will also lead to better posture resulting in more balanced and efficient movement patterns.

#3 – Efficient warm up.

After the long held belief that static stretches before exercise helps but recent studies show that it actually inhibits musclar performance or makes no difference at all. Concerntrating on problem spots before a work out combined with dynamic stretching is a much more effective way of getting the body ready for exercise. In addition this is a great way to prevent injury that could occur from an improper warm up.

#4- Time saver.

If you are one of those people who have a personal Physiotherapist who is on hand to work on problem spots and keep you in top shape everyday, I truly envy you. Yet for a lot of us this is not an option. Working and taking care of a family often hold priority, and also financially may be difficult. What we all do have is 5-10 minutes at the start or the end of the day to work on a few problem areas that will help us feel better. Having said that I do recommend to everyone seeing a Physiotherapist or massage therapist every so often, see it as a check up like you would for the dentist or doctors.

#5- Mis-diagnosis

This is one of the most important reasons for me and this is one that is all too common , through my own experience and talking to other people. Have you ever been told that you may have arthritis or some kind of bone or muscular disorder, even though there may have been no trauma or an accident that has affected the area. Yet now the pain you experience seems to have come from nowhere. The most common may be sciatic pain in the hips and lower back pain.

Muscles around the hips that become tight such as the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps that maybe overworked or stretched, start becoming very tight over time. This results in muscles not working properly and your lower back compensates for other muscles which causes imbalance in the hips. When this occurs it puts pressure on your sciatic nerve, from the hips sinking or rotating forward or backwards. Even though the pain may have come on all of a sudden it is very possible that the problem started long before the pain. The Importance of using self massage can be highlighted here, as using it for even as little as 5-10 minuntes  a day can help stop the onset of such painful conditions.


I hope this post has been helpful to you!

Thanks for reading,