Black Box Thinking

To summarise, this book looks at our attitudes about failure which seem to be engrained into us and how we can change our thoughts as to what that means and how we can learn. In the book it does assess the culture of a few well known institutions, notes there differences and ways in which they deal with failure and how it can pave the way for success in the future.

Black box Thinking is one of those books that I just happened to stumble across on the recommendations as I was cruising through my amazon. I decided to download the auidobook narrated by Simon Slater.

As soon as I started to listen to the book the amount of information that it contains in a relatively short book was astounding and from the name of the book it was difficult to actually see the hidden gems which it contained. I managed to get through it in 3/4 days often listening to chapters again at home as well as the car.

One of my favourite finds of 2016 and one I recommend to anyone and everyone.