General Training- Week 1/2

The first weeks of training for me are often challenging, yet I feel they are the most important for the upcoming season, general training is the first stop of injury prevention, meaning the fitter you are the less likely you are to breakdown or get injured. Competing in the indoor competitions which can start as early as November and last until March then the outdoors starting May until September it can be a long season and making sure fitness levels match the longevity of the season is a must.

For me and many other athletes this time is the most difficult and just getting used to the volume of training can be a challenge, also changing my diet in to a routine is just as difficult as the training in my opinion.

As I am writing this we are going into to week three and I feel as if the first bit of hard work is out of the way and I’m excited for the start of week.

The first two weeks for me have being a mixture of:

  • Weight sessions, Medium/Heavy/ Maximal power/Circuits
  • Endurance/Tempo running/ Sprinting
  • Light bounding and loading

As the weeks go by for me the training will become less general and specific to my event triple jump. incorporating more technique sessions and specific sessions for the jumps.

In closing on this short summary, motivation for coming out next season and jumping well for me is high. Speaking to other successful athletes and learning from my own mistakes has given me the perspective that there are no shortcuts, magic formulas or secret training methods, consistently putting in the hard work will give me the results I am looking for.

“Sitting back and passively letting something stand between you and your goals is a choice”

Here are some highlights of the past few weeks;