General Training – Week 3/4

The last couple of weeks I feel I have really got back in to the training now and ive got in to somewhat of a routine. The following weeks of training are going to be the hardest and most testing of the training year so the first two weeks have prepared me for that.

I have spent 4 weeks in total of general training, the total time spent in this period differs from athlete to athlete depending on condition and experience. Even though I am splitting this up in to sections so they are easier to read, note that aspects of general training are used and necessary in the entire programme, to maintain fitness levels and minimise risk of injury throughout the season.

The main aim of a Triple Jumper is to be fast, strong, explosive and coordinated this is something my programme has reflected and in the last two weeks, doing the all out speed and endurance sprints have moved in to a mixture of more complex exercises such as single leg bounds and short approach jumps. This will be in the next weeks of training too and this is where I do conditioning which is specific to my event.

Since I have decided with my coach to do indoor competitions this year starting to get my body used to jumping of short is great for those early season competitions.

To summarise this 2 week update I would like to hightlight that my focus and determination, mental as well as physical is so important. Especially after the harder sessions. Keeping note of how im feeling in my training journal and keeping my goals for the season somewhere I can see them everyday are just a few tools to keep me on track.


Thanks for reading,