Goals Goals Gold

Have you used goal setting before and not quite made it? Does the frustration often lead you not to consider why you didn’t attain that goal?

This can be hard in many ways. I always feel like reviewing my goals at intervals throughout the year gives me focus and lets me know if I’m on the right path or not.

Why review your goals?

The main reason I like to review goals; they always seem so simple when they’re written down in front of us yet, carrying out the action to those words is less simple.

Goal 1. 

 “Increase my flat speed.”

Having more speed as a triple jumper is never frowned up and the people who jump far tend to have a lot of it, this is not a coincidence.

Reviewing this first goal is full of good news, I have lowered my 60m p.b from 7.59secs to 7.34 seconds. I am happy that I am going in the right direction and have looked at my running technique closely as well as my execution in races and it has paid off.

Goal 2.

 “Consistently jump 14+ for the Triple Jump.”

Without sugar coating it. I haven’t so far attained this distance. The triple jump is a tricky event considering I have increased my speed I expected to jump a lot further then my humble distance of 13.57m.

Looking back my sessions, although they have been frequent. I see now they have lacked the specificity needed to give me the practice I need to be able to perform at the standard I desire.

Looking forward I really need to look at my programme as a whole and consider whether that training will get me to the goal that I have set out for myself. More specific triple jump technique has to be implemented to get me to my goal.

Goal 3.

 “Pick and choose my competitions to prevent me from over exerting myself.”

After a season of a few sub par performances and injury towards the end prompted me to think of this one, it doesn’t seem like the others or seem to take as much effort. Yet as an athlete the season feels very short, also if you miss certain competitions it really puts pressure on you to perform. Speaking personally I love competition and see it as a reward for all the hours of training I do, so it can be difficult for me not to get carried away and want to throw myself in there.

Currently since there aren’t a lot of indoor fixtures, there has not being an opportunity for me to do too much at this point. Until I get outdoors I will not be able to review this goal.

To summarise it’s great when you are feeling good and motivated to set goals. Yet when you aren’t feeling you are on the right track or failed miserably, it’s hard to look at what you have set out for yourself.

To review my goals even if they don’t come to fruition is the only way I will really grow and learn from them. I always keep in mind that some goals may be too easy as well as too hard. Sticking my head in the sand and coasting is something that could lead me to going backwards.

“Set Goals – Take Action- Review goals”

Repeating the cycle of Setting , Taking Action and Reviewing goals is something that should never end. For me this is useful for all aspects of  my life. I’m 100% sure that the Olympic champion has goals that he works on takes action and then reviews them, so there is no reason for me or you not to put this process in place. You’ll find this is true for anyone at the top of there respected field.

To avoid floundering in your goal setting efforts there are so many things that you can do, by far the most effective one for me is to tell people. A coach, a family member or friend who can hold you accountable for your goals and actions.

Take control of your life and goals today, reviewing is the path toward better execution!

Thanks for reading,