Honest Itinerary


Can you step back and assess yourself?

Can you really honestly take a look at what you do and say whether its working or not?

I think this subject is a sore one for most people in there general life. When it comes to sports, especially individual sports, there is nowhere to hide because the results are easy to measure and in my case they’re literally measured.

Since this is my first post I think its a really good place to start and something that I know I will certainly learn and grow from. Knowing exactly where you are right now is the best way to set new goals and move forward. I believe that staying ignorant to where you are will cause a lot of confusion and maybe even a lack of progress and believe me I have found this out the hard way.

Everybody wants to feel like all the time/effort and sacrifice has been worth while and we are better because of it right?

Well when I put it like that it seems like a silly question to ask, yet in reality its a little less clear cut then that statement.

As people there are many times when we simply do not want to be told things about ourselves that aren’t great and really don’t want to face the problems which are staring us in the face. Often with other people we don’t tell them out of fear of how they will react to us.

So why? Why do most of us avoid things that could clearly make us better at whatever it is we want to do? The very simple answer is FEAR!. Yeah yeah yeah you’ve heard this before get out of your comfort zone and all that right. Yet how could you explain us not doing things when we know we really should.

As people we all want to be happy and stay positive yet you’d have to agree that it doesn’t feel positive when all your weaknesses are laid bare in front of you for everyone to see and at times that can be just outright painful to hear or see.

So isn’t this a massive contradiction then shouldn’t I stay happy and ignorant rather than miserable and well informed? Well I can’t tell you what to do but there are two more options, Happy and Well Informed and Miserable and Ignorant.

The only difference between the two scenarios believe it or not is simply time. Instead of a long winded explanation I’ll give it to you in a simple equation:

Happy and Ignorant (Short term)                     =                     Miserable and Ignorant (Long Term)

Miserable and Well Informed (Short Term)   =                      Happy and Well Informed (Long term)

Realising this now after years gone by of turning up to training doing whatever I wanted to do and simply avoiding the things I didn’t want to do made me happy enough in the short term. Yet I’m living in the long term now and have to face the fact that I’m not where I want to be because I made short term decisions that didn’t help me as an athlete.

Well now you may thinking thanks Jonathan for telling me your miserable and ignorant after I thought you were going somewhere with this. Don’t worry I won’t leave you in despair, I am coming to my point. Now that I’ve realised where I have gone wrong I’m now well informed, using time as my friend and not my enemy I can do the necessary things in the short term and get better long term results.

So my equation is more of a complete circle which constantly changes all the time so this is why it’s important to take that honest itinerary and do this as often as you can because happy and well informed can turn into happy and ignorant without you even noticing.

On a closing note using this tool has really helped me in many areas of my life not just my athletics and as long as you can do those necessary short term things however uncomfortable they may be I can almost guarantee you will have whatever you want. It’s being a pleasure sharing it with you!

Thanks for Reading