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Exciting news! Thanks to Paul over at Pulse Roll I’ve being lucky enough to try out one of the most stand out pieces of fitness equipment on the UK market right now.

Introducing the Pulse Roll, A vibrating foam roller, yes it vibrates!

First of all thpulseroll-newshote design and appearance of the foam roller is not that much different from the standard roller that I use and weighing in at 500g, its still managed to be very light durable and easy to pop into my bag.

For the size of the roller it really has packed in a lot of benefits;

  • 3 hour battery life, it recharges astonishingly quick using a mains charger.
  • 4 speed settings, they are the most impressive thing about this roller, I am amazed at how powerful this roller is.
  • In built timer that shuts off after 10 minutes of continuous use.

You may think what is the difference between my standard foam roller and this vibrating one. To help you understand ill explain some key points that make this a very beneficial investment into your exercise regime;

  • Similar to the powerplate in your local gym when the roller vibrates it also affects your tendons ligaments and soft tissues in the same way. This vibration causes heat and this heat causes the release of synovial fluid in your joints. This process summed up is what happens when we warm up. Yet the major difference is time using the roller for 5 mins before a workout can be compared to a 15-20 minute warm up routine which is great for those of us who have busy schedules or have only a spare hour to work out.
  • Works your core more intensely. When the roller is vibrating its obviously not very stable and in turn what your body has to do is use your core and stabilising muscles more intensely to keep you balanced. Resulting in a more powerful and stable core.
  • Breaks down scar/ tough connective tissues that result in lack of flexibility and can cause pain in joints and muscles. Finding knots in areas of your body and breaking them down can be very time consuming as I know, using this roller ensures that you will penetrate deeper into the tissues the results you may find are surprisingly beneficial. Used after a very hard session it can speed up the recovery process helping muscles relax and move away waste such as lactic acid.

To summarise the overall benefits and potential of this product for me are limitless for someone like me who trains up to 6days per week,  its a dream product. From professional athletes to causal users even for rehabilitation and pain relief, the usability of this roller is incredible.

Personally for me in the past I have had quite a few niggles ailments which have limited my ability to train and left me in pain, experiencing that has helped me realise the things I can do to help myself and keep injury free. These reasons will always justify the investment of £99.99 in to my health and well being. While this can never take the place of a professional sports massage or physiotherapist, using this roller can go towards maintaining the work that they do so the treatments are more beneficial in the long run and saving you time and money going back and forth. With this product you can take your health and fitness into your own hands.

For more information on the roller check out the website.


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