Damn Good Advice



Damn Good Advice by George Lois, is exactly what it says on the tin. Fantastic advice and some really hard hitting examples of creative brilliance and some brilliant failures too.

The way in which the book is set out, numbered pages,  and great examples of marketing campaigns pictures and animations is enough to keep any reader engaged.   The best thing about the whole series of books including, “Its not how good you are its how good you want to be” ans “What you think is the opposite,” Is the fact that they are so easy to just pick up and read any page and get some gems great for a 5 min read on a quick break or if your on the go.

So even if you aren’t admittedly an avid reader this one is for you. I keep it a place I can pick up passively to read when I haves few minutes spare and it serves  me well. Guaranteed to give you a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation within the exciting content and visual displays.