The specific training for me and many athletes is where we will spend the majority of our time.

After the break after Summer and the subsequent general training most athletes are a little out of practice. The bTime to jumpody of most athletes is highly adaptable by nature, so getting the nervous system back into the swing of doing things has to be done over a period of time and this is true even for athletes who have trained for many years. It also is a good tool for injury prevention.

The general training period I feel is essential to set myself up for my event, as a Triple Jumper a very technical based discipline, which needs a high degree of co-ordination to perform correctly. This is something that needs to be worked on throughout the training year and has to take high priority.

Specific training simply refers to exercises which are needed to successfully perform that particular event. For me performing the Triple Jump is mixture of short and long approaches with running designed for approaching the board correctly to take off or more accurately run-off. There are so many ways in which this can be broken down but I prefer to keep in simple, If I want to be better at jumping I have to jump.

In the same way a footballer and a boxer may be able to do training together such as long runs for general fitness, yet once they do training specifically for their event the training could not be more different.

In the winter time getting myself up to fitness takes a major priority longer endurance and strength based sessions are less frequent. This sets me up for the very intense and more often then not doing very similar movement patterns, necessary for sports, yet can place massive stress on the body.

For me this period of training is great and thinking of this time is what keeps me going in the gruelling winter months. It is so easy to get carried away because a new training stimulus is very appealing at this point. The saying quality over quantity really applies at this stage so sticking to the training schedule is vital.

As I covered in my blog post “What are you training for”, imagine an athlete as a finely tuned formula one car one that has to be conditioned in a way which suits their event the best. This is one of the most important components of training for most and really sets most athletes apart in terms of performances when competitions come around.

This time of the year for me and many athletes, December-April, Is where jumping, sprinting we truly get back into the swing of things and doing a few indoor competition to simply test progression so far based on the previous year. Currently I have improved on my season opener by nearly 1 metre and over two 10ths faster over the 60 metres which is testament to the training I have put in over the last couple of months.

Remember even though it may seem that this training cycle is separate from the last cycle of training its still important to remember that elements of general and specific training exist in making a full and complete programme for athletes and is essential for progression and injury prevention.

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