Winter Prep-2017/2018

It has been over a year now since I started this blog, writing my thoughts, goals and ambitions down to share with everyone. If you have tuned in I have to thank you for following my journey, the time has simply flown by!

I suppose time is never something that has ever really concerned me, what concerns me is what I do with my time. Writing this now compared to a year ago makes me reflect on how different I am now as a person and an athlete.

Goals Summary! 2016/2017

Last year when I set out my goals I knew that it was going to be tough and at points I did wonder if in fact I could reach them. Here is a brief recap just in case you missed it:


All the best Triple Jumpers have it and it is essential for what I do. Something which I have neglected over the years and never particularly enjoyed the training either. My 60m time was at a woeful 7.6secs!

This last year and this winter I literally threw myself in at the deep end and currently coming into the new season I am down to 7.34 seconds I did that last December so I’m confident that I can run faster than that now.

Consistently over 14 metres in the Triple jump!

After changing my take off foot this proved to be my hardest challenge also coming out of the indoor season without one 14 metre jump to my name I was worried that this one would slip away from me.

Armed with a new running and jumping technique I was assured by my coach, Keith Hunter, I was on the right track I pressed on yet I did not find my form until the late competitions in the season. To my relief the 14 metre mark was hit in back to back competitions and overall it has been my best sequence of jumps in a season ever.

Picking and choosing competitions I do-

This one for me wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed when I wrote it. As an athlete I am solely motivated by the thrill of competition and testing how far I can push my limits. So you can imagine sitting a few competitions out is hard. Yet sometimes within a training block or when your body is recovering it is for the best to sit a few competitions out, many elite athletes do this so why not me.

In conclusion even though at the time I was worried about opportunities slipping away in a seemingly short season, it was after a few breaks out of competition when I actually jumped my best.

Goals- 2017/2018

My goals for this season are not a far cry from what I had planned the year before, on paper I had a great season also it was a massive learning curve in terms of my general attitude towards my training and what it had lacked in previous years. It is not so hard to see why I did not improve before now. Consistency is such a big part of that so that is where I will start.

Consistently over 14m.50

Now that I am gaining confidence in my new technique plus more speed, distance wise anything under this has to be looked at with scrutiny there is simply no reason I cannot jump this distance or even further this season.

Speed! 60 metres – 7.2 seconds!

Even though I have jumped down in times by nearly half a second I feel like its the tip of the iceberg 7.34 secs in the 60m for a senior is still average, my aim this year is to get down to 7.2 seconds or below. This speed is something that is vital on the runway. Regular speed sessions plus weighted jacket and sled pulls and even using blocks are in my programme this year and I’m already excited to see what I can do.

Physio/ Soft tissue treatment! – 1 per month minimum

This is something I have neglected especially last year and I feel could have given me a little extra when it came to competition. Even though I am one of the biggest advocates for people using recovery products such as foam rollers which I do use, I know this can never take the place of a hands on treatment. Work commitments have kept me busy before but now we are lucky enough to have many Physios and Soft tissue therapists at the track so getting treatments is a convenience for me and other athletes in my group!

In conclusion you may notice my goals written down seem to be quite simple and straight forward yet as every athlete knows that there are so many hours/days/weeks/months of hard work behind each goal. Plus I feel like having too many goals can often confuse and overwhelm so keeping them between 1-3 is the best way forward for me and my coaches to work with.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and insight in to the upcoming season.

Stay tuned as I have lots of exciting content coming soon!

Thanks for reading